Benno Boost E cargo / utility e-bike

Type: E-Bikes


Take a ride on this Bosch equipped electric bike and you’ll understand why “too hilly”, “too far”, “I don’t want to get sweaty” and “I can’t carry enough” are no longer good reasons to leave your bike at home. The Boost will have you looking for excuses to go on additional errands.

This compact and extremely sturdy e-utility bike makes transportation fun and easy. It’s designed to carry heavy loads and has an interchangeable rack system that you can pick and choose from to fit your needs. The strong frame and big tires are the perfect pairing for the powerful Bosch motor.

People describe the feeling of riding with Bosch’s leading e-bike mid-drive system like suddenly having super-powers

Bosch Performance Line 

Designed for sporty, powerful riding, Performance Line truly lives up to its name. This dynamic powerhouse impresses with its high-performance support in any terrain. Whether on flats, steep slopes, pavement or trails, this Drive Unit conquers any type of gear shifting. 

Perfect grip and smooth flow

Whether you’re in the flow of city traffic, on an extended trail excursion or in mountainous terrain. 


Bosch PowerPacks are available with 400 Wh as frame or rack batteries. 

Best in class

All PowerPacks offer high energy density, exceptional mileage, long service life, low weight and easy handling. 

Compact and lightweight

The Drive Units small size means that it weighs less, features a shorter pedal distance, and is more ergonomic. 

Different riding modes

Intuvia on-board computer serves as your eBikes command center, making it possible to switch between the five different riding modes, as well as to call up information like speed, battery level and distance. 

3-sensor concept

Records torque, cadence and speed in real time (1000 measurements per second) for powerful starts up slopes and through rough terrain.

Quiet and durable

Precise motor control and rapid processing of sensor signals, minimum levels of noise and vibration. Reliably stable chain run prevents chain derailments and improper loading, and reduces wear. 

The riding modes at a glance

Turbo Sport Tour Eco Off
The highest level of powerful direct support, up to the highest cadences for sport riding. Immediate, powerful support for sporty riding, both off-road in the city. Steady support for longer-range tours. Effective, optimally efficient support for maximum range. No support; all on-board computer functions accessible.


Bicycle Specifications

  • Bosch Performance Mid-Drive System
  • Shimano Deore LX 10-Speed
  • Shimano Deore Hydraulic Disk Brakes
  • 6061 Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • CRMO Fork
  • Double Wall Aluminum Rims
  • 24”x 2.6” Dual Sport Tires (60TPI)
  • Utility Aluminum Rear Rack
  • Supernova V6s Light System (not shown)

Benno Boost E Warranty 1 year limited